Canada’s DigitalGovernment Journey: the Open Guest Lecture from Honey Dacanay, the DirectorGeneral for Policy and Efficiency of the Government of Canada

On May 14, an openonline lecture on the experience of digital transformation of the state sectorof Canada, joined by which than 60 observers, has taken place

On May 14, the members and guests of the CDTO Campus have joined theopen online lecture from Honey Dacanay, the Director General for Policy andEfficiency of the Government of Canada, the Professor of McMaster Universityand one of the 100 most influential people in the digital government world,according to Apolitical (2019).

During herpresentation, the expert has told about the following:

  • organization of state administration in Canada;
  • the digital ambitions and tasks of the country;
  • the structure of Canadian digital strategy;
  • the digitalization standards and the human centric approach ofe-services;
  • the most popular public services in Canada.

Currently Canada is actively implementing the artificial intelligencetools in the public sector and developing the platform which already involvedmore than 70 state e-services for the citizens, as well as the GC Notifydigital service for convenient cooperation with the government that notifiespeople on the important changes in the political life of the country.

The main digital ambitions of Canada before 2025 are the following:

  • increasing the digital literacy of the citizens;
  • increasing the number of state services available online;
  • ensuring responsible AI use in state and private sectors;
  • developing new digital tools of cyber security.

After thepresentation by Honey Dacanay, the brief Q&A session with the questionsfrom the participants of the lecture has taken place.

See more details from the presentation by the expert on the social mediaof the CDTO Campus.