On March 9, the short-term program "Cisco: Implementation of Secure Digital Platforms" was launched

During the course, participants will learn the basics of building secure digital platforms, the theory and practice of effective cybersecurity solutions and technologies from the world leader in IT and networking Cisco.

This Saturday, the CDTO Campus program "Cisco: Implementation of Secure Digital Platforms" program started this Saturday. The course was created in partnership with Cisco, a world leader in IT and networking.

The program was opened with speeches by Valeriia Ionan, Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine for European Integration, as well as Sergii Martynchuk, Head of Cisco Ukraine, Oleksiy Bessarab, Cisco Technology Director, and Volodymyr Orlov, Cisco Regional Manager for Innovation and Digital Transformation

On the first day of the training, the leading Cisco experts completed the «Infrastructure and Data Center Transformation» module and are already preparing for the next two modules.

Transform the Infrastructure and Data Centers. A module on the capabilities of modern IT architectures, including clouds, the Internet, and SaaS services, as well as building secure distributed enterprise networks and reliable applications.


  • Andrew Ovrashko, Systems Engineer with over 11 years of experience at Cisco, specializing in designing and implementing IT infrastructure modernization projects.
  • Oleksandr Mamenko, Systems Engineer with over 4 years of experience at Cisco, specializing in ACI, SD-WAN.
  • Yuriy Dovgan, Systems Engineer with 17 years of experience at Cisco, focusing on Enterprise Networks technology areas: wireless networking, SD-WAN, campus network architecture, DNA Assurance.

Cisco's task is to share the experience we have gained over the years participating in various projects and to help CDTOs of Ukrainian companies choose the right development vector," says Andriy Ovrashko.

CyberSecurity. This module covers methods of gaining unauthorized access to systems, with an emphasis on social engineering, phishing, and exploiting software vulnerabilities.


  • Volodymyr Ilibman, Cybersecurity Solutions Specialist at Cisco for 17 years. He has extensive experience in implementing large-scale projects for banks, government agencies, and telecom operators.
  • Sergey Kharyuk, CEO of AmonSul.
  • Roman Vozniuk, Head of the Information and Communication Technologies Department of the Digital Transformation and Communication Department of the Novovolynsk City Council.
  • Ivan Dvoilenko, Deputy Head, CDTO, State Migration Service of Ukraine.

We will be happy to share our knowledge with CDTOs and help them introduce innovative technologies and architectural vision into their business processes, which will allow them to ride the wave of economic growth," said Volodymyr Ilibman.

Hybrid work/collaboration. The module covers the basics of creating controlled, high-quality G2C services in Ukraine and building a workplace in a "hybrid" environment.

Instructor: Igor Sukailo, Business Development Manager with over 17 years of experience at Cisco, specializing in collaboration infrastructure

I am convinced that digital transformation should cover all IT processes. A broad vision of opportunities will be the best tool for making management decisions, and innovative approaches will help us reach a new level of competitiveness," said Igor Sukailo.

For more information about the program, please visit the Short Term Programs section of the CDTO Campus website.