The Thesaurus, an open electronic library for CDTOs and anyone interested in the digital transformation of public administration, has been launched on the project website

CDTO Campus expands the functionality of the website and presents a library of research on the digitization of the public sector

The official website of CDTO Campus now offers a Thesaurus - an open electronic library containing resources and research on global digitization cases and methods of adapting to national challenges and realities.

The Thesaurus library is freely available to all users of the site in two languages: Ukrainian and English.

Currently, the library contains five comprehensive reports on digitizing individual public sectors and services in European countries.

1) «Research results - Methods for re-engineering public administration processes: Interoperability, e-services, cybersecurity (EU4DigitalUA)»

The study is dedicated to exploring current approaches to the re-engineering and digitization of public services, the measurement of the benefits of public services, and the choice of a channel for their delivery, particularly with the example of Estonia.

2) «National Competence Centers»

The study highlights the role of these centers in building a strong digital transformation ecosystem.

3) «A study of the three main integrated services (vital records services)»

The report describes how European countries, including Estonia, Finland, and Denmark, implemented electronic vital records services.

4) «A study of the most popular services in different EU countries»

This paper presents the results of a study on implementing popular digital services in the European Union. As best-case examples, 10 leading countries in the field of digitalization according to the DESI (Digital Economy and Society Index) were selected: Estonia, Denmark, Finland, Malta, Sweden, Ireland, Spain, the Netherlands, Austria, and Latvia.

5) «A study on the interaction between central and local authorities»

The publication provides an overview of the organizational and technical interaction between central and local governments in implementing eGovernment services.

The library is regularly updated with new studies and reports, which can be viewed and downloaded to your own device from the website tab.

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