The World Economic Forum Opens the World’s Second GlobalGovernment Technology Centre in Kyiv

Duringthe Diia in Zurich event, the Memorandum of opening the GovTech center which isgoing to unite the public and private sectors and representatives of thecommunity and academic circles for even more powerful digital reforms to takeplace.

During the Diia in Zurich summit, the memorandum on creation of the world’s second Global Government Technology Centre (GGCT) in Kyiv has been signed. It has been signed by the Deputy Prime Minister for Innovation, Education, Science and TechnologyDevelopment (Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine) Mykhailo Fedorov,the Director of the World Economic Forum Mirek Dušek, the Managing Director of the World Economic Forum Alois Zwinggi and the President of the East Europe FoundationVictor Liakh.

The GovTechCenter is opened by the World Economic Forum, and the East Europe Foundation isgoing to administer it and ensure its efficient work.

“In 2019,we started creating the digital state from scratch, and today Ukraine is goingto be the second country in the world, where the Global Government Technology Centre is going to beopened. This is definitely not a coincidence. We created one of the best technological solutions for governments, which is Diia. It’s cool that theinternational partners consider Diia to be the fully featured case study, and the experience of Ukrainian digital transformation to be an example for othercountries,” Mykhailo Fedorov has stated.

The center is going to unite the public and private sectors and the representatives of the community and academic circles for them to implement the following digital reforms:

  • to digitalizethe government;
  • to develop electronic governance and digital skills;
  • to speed upinternational cooperation on the issues of innovations and technologies.

“The centerin Ukraine is going to support our global efforts determined at unlocking thesignificant potential of digital technologies in order to improve stateservices and create new values. It is going to be the catalyst of public andprivate cooperation, promoting digital development and innovations during timesthat are so critical for Ukraine and Europe,” Mirek Dušek has stated.

The GGTC Kyivis going to become the part of the network of the Center of the FourthIndustrial Revolution.

This isgoing to help Ukrainian startups and innovators cooperate with foreign partnersand develop technologies in Ukraine. The projects of the GovTech center arealso going to be focused on preparing the digitalization drivers (the CDTOs).

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