Training for CDTOs of regional military administrations and local self-government bodies on building an effective system of open data publication completed

The participants of the program "Digital Transformation in Public Administration" attended the first offline sessions held by the course lecturers and experts.

The training on developing an effective open data policy at the local level for CDTOs of regional military administrations and local self-government bodies has ended and with it the first wave of the program "OSCE: Making and Implementation of Open Data Policy" program.

Through A collaborative effort with the OSCE, we have launched the first CDTO Campus training courses on the development and implementation of open data policies. This initiative is a significant step towards combating corruption and enhancing the transparency of decision-making for the benefit of society.

During the course, participants heard presentations from open data practitioners, speakers and guest lecturers from government and business. Topics ranged from the legal framework for using and publishing open data to improving its quality and ensuring the effectiveness of management decisions based on it.

"The course gave us an opportunity not only to improve the competencies of digital transformation leaders in the field of open data but also to form an open data community among representatives of central executive bodies, executive agencies, and local governments.

I am convinced that the training will lead to an increase in the quantity and quality of published datasets. We will also be able to make informed decisions and implement effective data-driven policies," said Yanina Lyubyva, expert of the Open Data Group at the Ministry of Digital Transformation of Ukraine.

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