The first day of offline training under the long-term program "Digital Transformation in Public Administration" took place in Kyiv

The participants of the program "Digital Transformation in Public Administration" attended the first offline sessions held by the course lecturers and experts

March 2 was the day of the first live meeting of participants of the nine-month program "Digital Transformation in Public Administration" in Kyiv. Students attended three lectures held by CDTO Campus lecturers:

Basic concepts, strategies, programs and action plans in the field of digital transformation. Experiences of other countries.

The lecture was devoted to developing strategies to ensure sustainable and inclusive economic and social development in the era of digital transformation, particularly programs and plans to stimulate innovation in regional transformation.

Lecturer: Tetiana Prykhodko, Coordinator of Regional Digitalization and Innovation, Analyst at the Ministry of Digital Transformation and the Eastern Europe Foundation.

Communication between the state and citizens. Development of digital culture. The digital-first principle: learning to think and act accordingly. The case of DIIA and MObywatel

CDTOs discovered the theoretical foundations of effective digital communication and studied vivid national and global cases of building dialogue between the state and citizens. The lecture also drew the participants' attention to the digital-first principle—the importance of prioritizing digital communication channels, products, and services over analog ones.

The lecturer was Valentyn Panyuta, former brand manager at Fedoriv Agency, co-founder and CEO of HyperNormal Agency.

How to manage the risks involved in implementing changes

How to overcome barriers during digitalization - legal aspects of digital change, financing, risk management, and monitoring at all stages of the project.

Lecturer: Ivan Nachovnyi, Deputy Head of the Regional State Administration for Digital Development, Digital Transformation and Digitalization (CDTO) - Head of the Military Administration.

A photo report of the event can be found on the official Facebook page of the project.