The Team of the Ministry of Digital Transformation Shares Ukrainian Digitalization Experience. First Results of Cooperation with Ecuador

Diia is becoming afully-featured case study and an example for digital reforms in Ecuador.Recently the Memorandum of Cooperation has been signed and the discovery phaseof implementation of Diia tools has been completed.

Diia continues proving its potential and efficiency in building the community that is free from corruption and convenient for the citizens. The Ukrainian digital product becomes an example for other states determined to have electronic government and state services.

Last December, during the DIIA SUMMIT, the world learned that the team of the Ministry of Digital Transformation and the USAID was preparing to share the experience of Ukrainian digitalization with Ecuador.

This year, the Memorandum of Cooperation has been signed and its discovery phase has been completed; during this phase:

  • the digital platforms, services, mobile banking, Internet access level and the number of smartphone users in Ecuador have been researched;
  • the representatives of the government of the country have been interviewed;
  • the proposals regarding authorization in the application have been provided;
  • the solution for implementation of services and documents on the basis of the Diia experience has been suggested;
  • the data exchange opportunities of the registers have been assessed;
  • the way of the user to the digital documents / services in theapplication has been analyzed.

«Governments all over the world encounter the same digital challenges, so our unique experience of creation of a digital state is of interest for many countries. We are grateful for the support of the USAID that provides us an opportunity to expand the Ukrainian success story, which is Diia, and share our practices. We have prepared the discovery report, in which we have described the conclusions and proposals in detail, for our colleagues from Ecuador. We are planning to continue our collaborative work in this direction,» mentioned the Deputy Minister for Euro integration for the Ministry of Digital Transformation Valeriya Ionan.

So the next stage is planning the following stages on the basis of thediscovery phase report, as well as discussion of creation of an MVPapplication, considering the provided recommendations.